Confectionery corrugated tray 297*213*75 mm

Confectionery corrugated tray 297*213*75 mm

Confectionery corrugated tray 297*213*75 mm

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Confectionery corrugated tray 390 * 277 * 55 mm 

Model: self-assembled white-coloured confectionery display tray with ornately shaped edges.

The aesthetic appearance of confectionery corrugated tray will present your product in the best possible way. The walls serve as handles for easy carrying of the tray and create an additional sealing gasket when stacking, reliably protecting the goods against damage.

Application: confectionery display tray is intended for transporting confectionery and cooking. Cardboard box serves for transporting sweets, gingerbread, puffs, crumpets, muffins, cupcakes. White confectionery corrugated tray for sweets and rolls with cream, marshmallows, halvah, marmalade, chocolate bars and donuts is used as an eco-showcase and a showbox for pastries and sweets.

Options: Self-assembled corrugated tray for confectionery products is made from three-layer corrugated cardboard of the T23 grade, is predominantly white (surface layer of corrugated cardboard), as well as made from “Waterproof” (with improved humidity resistance) corrugated cardboard and is used for confectionery products with a high fat content. 

The dimensions of the confectionery corrugated trays, their colour, grade of corrugated cardboard, corrugation profile are selected depending on the type and weight of confectionery and transportation conditions.

Sample: confectionery corrugated display tray 

Internal dimensions (mm): 390 x 277 x 55, three-layer corrugated cardboard of the T-23 grade, B corrugation profile, white surface layer. Die-cutting stamp is available. 

The parameters of the confectionery corrugated can be adjusted depending on the type and weight of the product. 

Terms of ordering the products: 

It’s produced by individual order from 6100 pcs. or if available in a warehouse (from a pallet). The price is indicated in UAH including VAT, per 1 piece. 

The price of products can vary with changes in parameters or in market conditions.