Corrugated tray for berries 575*387*108 mm

Corrugated tray for berries 575*387*108 mm

Corrugated tray for berries 575*387*108 mm

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Corrugated tray for vegetables and fruits, for berries 575 * 387 * 108 mm


Model: self-assembled berry tray made of solid five-layer corrugated cardboard. The special design of the strawberry tray provides reinforced beveled corners. This allows to kept the berries intact during transportation. The side flaps are convenient to carry the berry tray in hands and serve as the solid gasket between the berry boxes when stacking.

Application: strawberry corrugated tray is used to pick up strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bog whortleberries and other berries in bulk from the field. The berry tray for 0.5 kg or 1.0 kg punnets perfectly withstands stacking during long-term transportation. The berry tray is used as an eco-showcase for displaying berries in the supermarket.

The berry tray is also used for cherries, peaches, apricots when they are laid out in 1 row.

Options: Self-assembled corrugated tray for berries and fruits is made of high-strength five-layer corrugated cardboard of P31, P32 grades, is predominantly brownish or brown colour (surface layer of corrugated cardboard), as well as made from “Waterproof” (with improved humidity resistance) corrugated cardboard. Berry box branding is made at the combine at the request. 

The dimensions of the berry corrugated trays, their colour, grade of corrugated cardboard, corrugation profile are selected depending on the type and weight of fruit and vegetable products, storage conditions and duration of transportation.

Sample: Berry corrugated tray

Internal dimensions (mm): 575 х 387 х 108, 5-layer corrugated cardboard of the P-31 grade, ВС corrugated profile, brownish colour. Die-cutting stamp is available. 

The parameters of the vegetable corrugated box (vegetable tray) can be adjusted depending on the type and weight of the product.

Terms of ordering the products: It’s produced by individual order from 3050 pcs. or if available in a warehouse (from a pallet). The price is indicated in UAH including VAT, per 1 piece 

The price of products can vary with changes in parameters or in market conditions.