Post corrugated box 355*225*60 mm

Post corrugated box 355*225*60 mm

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Model: Rectangular cardboard box with hinged lid. The self-assembled corrugated box, A4-sized when it’s assembled, is tightly closed with a hinged lid thanks to side flaps and edges. Double sides of a box reliably protect the goods. 

Application: Corrugated cardboard shipping box serves for storing and sending documents. A4-sized cardboard box is used as a segregator and document storage. Cardboard parcel box can be used to store and ship computer supplies, books and stationery. Souvenir box with cover is used as packaging for souvenirs, photo frames and other fragile flat items, decorative plates, as well as for children’s products, small decorative elements for creativity, and also small spare parts. The universal cardboard box is used as eco-packaging for underwear, socks, etc.

Options: The self-assembled cardboard box is made of solid 3-layer corrugated cardboard of T23, T24 grades, of brownish, brown or white colour (surface layer of corrugated cardboard). Branding of a corrugated cardboard box is custom-made at our combine. 
The shipping box contains 1 pack of office paper (conditionally 500 sheets of A4 format, offset paper with a density of 80 g / m2).The size of the box, the grade of corrugated cardboard and its colour, the corrugated flute are selected individually. 

Sample: A4-sized cardboard box (corrugated mail tray) 
Internal dimensions (mm): 355 x 225 x 60 mm 
Grade: T24KF
Corrugated flute: “C” (three-layer corrugated cardboard of Т-24 grade, brown). 
Surface, m2: 0.362 
Die-cutting stamp is available. 
Shipping box parameters can be adjusted.

Terms of ordering the products:
It’s produced by individual order from 5800 pcs. or if available in a warehouse (from a pallet).
The price is indicated in UAH including VAT, per 1 piece. 
The price of products can vary with changes in parameters or in market conditions.