Сorrugated cardboard KG-4

Сorrugated cardboard KG-4

Сorrugated cardboard KG-4

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Normative documents
Corrugated cardboard is produced according to 
COU MPP 85.060-310:2010 «Картон гофрований. Загальні технічні умови» TU U 17.2-00278801-006:2017 «Corrugated cardboard for packaging of products of technical purpose. Technical conditions»

Classification of corrugated cardboard
Grade Т (single wall) – Single wall cardboard, consisting of two flat and one corrugated layers
Single wall corrugated cardboard is made of B or C flute.
Double walled cardboard, consisting of three flat and two corrugated layers.
Double walled corrugated cardboard is made of flute type BC

Purpose and dimensions of single wall board
Single wall cardboard grades T20, T21, Т22, Т23, Т24, Т25, as well as grades КG-2, КG-3, КG-4 are used for manufacturing of transport containers, corrugated trays, auxiliary packing materials and products.
It is manufactured and sold in sheets in sizes agreed with the customer. The maximum sizes of sheets of corrugated cardboard can be 3000 * 2450 mm, 2500 * 1200 mm, 3250 * 2050 mm.

Purpose and dimensions of double wall board
Double walled cardboard of the grades P30, P31, P32, P33, P34 is used for the production of transport containers, large packagings, trays, boxes, complex configuration products, auxiliary packaging equipment. It is manufactured and sold in sheets in sizes agreed with the customer.

Corrugated cardboard is produced in: color of natural fiber, with a white (cellulose) outer layer, or a painted brown outer layer.
For gluing layers of corrugated cardboard corn starch is used.

Raw material
For the production of corrugated cardboard used:
– Fluting according to ТU U 17.1-00278801-003:2017
«Paper for corrugating (fluting). Technical conditions»
– Testliner according to ТU U 17.1-00278801-004:2017
«Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard. Technical conditions»
It is allowed to use other grades of paper and cardboard to meet the needs of customers.

Conditions for ordering products:
Manufactured by individual order from 2 thousand m2. Prices are indicated in UAH including VAT per 1m2, incl. package.
The cost of products can be changed in case of changes in parameters or market conditions.