To package furniture, wrapping paper and cardboard, corrugated cardboard are used.
Sealing cardboard gaskets, corrugated cardboard spacers and shell rings are used for gentle transportation of glass and mirrors.
Cardboard boxes perfectly protect furniture fittings and distinct furniture elements during long-term transportation. The design department of the Zhydachiv Combine can develop custom-made packaging for furniture.

Cardboard boxes for moving of various sizes and parameters are produced by the Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine.
Corrugated cardboard boxes for stuff and kitchenware, shoeboxes, an archive box for documents, a corrugated box with die-cut handles for easy transportation can be bought at warehouse or made to order.
Wrapping paper to wrap fragile items, cardboard to protect floors and corrugated cardboard in sheets will create additional comfort when moving.