Сompany information

Historical past

The history of the birth of the Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill began in 1945, when the official announcement about the establishment of a paper mill in the city of Zhydachiv was first made. According to the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, in July 1945, preparatory work began for the construction of the enterprise, which lasted less than three years. The memorable date is March 17, 1949 – on this day the first stone was laid in the foundation of the main body of the cardboard factory, and the plant’s birthday is considered on October 17, 1951 – the launch day of the cardboard-making machine No. 1, from the conveyor of which the first cardboard came.

For all the years of its existence, Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill was the leader of the pulp and paper industry and made a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy. Along with the implementation of production tasks, the plant was a forge of highly qualified personnel and specialists for other enterprises in the industry. Thanks to the existing technological processes and unique equipment, the plant was not only an advanced production base, but also an educational platform for students, as well as a center for research and implementation of new technologies for research institutes, which ultimately contributed to the development of the entire pulp and paper industry in Ukraine.

The plant’s activity was highly appreciated by the country’s leadership, and therefore, according to Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 885/2008 of October 1, 2008, it was the birthday of the Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill that the professional holiday was approved in Ukraine – the Day of Pulp and Paper which is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of October.

Our combine today

Today the Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” is a modern enterprise, which powerful potential is based on the productive technological equipment, highly qualified personnel and modern methods of production management.

We support a no-plastic policy around the world. We create sustainable products, preserve forests and the environment using the recycled materials. Raw materials undergo a rigorous quality check, as well as a multi-stage cleaning process before use for production.

The plant constantly works on the standardization, in particular, normative documents establishing the standard indicators of products and test methods, are applied and actualized in time. All products of the plant meet the requirements of regulatory documents in terms of quality and safety indicators. With a view to strengthen its business reputation, PJSC ZhPPC takes an active part in various specialized events dedicated to packaging, systematically pursues the marketing researches. The obtained information serves as basis for development and application of innovative technologies in the production of goods, which allows the company to meet the needs of each client due to individual approach. We help end consumers to choose a quality and safe product.

Currently, the activities of PJSC ZhPPC are focused on the development of the following areas:

  • Improving industrial and environmental safety at all production sites;
  • Achievement of the maximum planned indicators for the implemented investment projects;
  • Reducing costs and increasing the equipment efficiency;
  • Development and implementation of plans to further production increase.

In March 2019, the Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” took part in the XXI All-Ukrainian competition for the best packaging “Ukrainian Packaging Star 2019”. The animal feed show box won the competition for its pleasant design, high quality corrugated cardboard and accuracy of die-cutting.

In 2020, PJSC ZhPPC passed the assessment of its business reputation in the International Economic Rating “League of the Best” and, based on the results of a comprehensive index analysis, it received the certificate “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR – UKRAINE 2020”, which is the national distinction of the company’s success.

Our company also received an international award – one of the main components of the business reputation case. International certificate confirms the title “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2020”.

The obtained certificates are a guarantee of an impeccable business reputation, solvency of the enterprise, company position as the prestigious employer, and grant the status of an investment-attractive enterprise.

As a Ukrainian manufacturer, we continue to invest in the national economy, people and the environment. For 70 years of work, PJSC “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” has remained a responsible employer, reliable partner and transparent market participant.

Strategic future

Continuous improvement of the main results of the work. At the same time, market relations dictate the requirements for compactness and high-tech production, require flexibility in the implementation of specific orders. In order to meet these new requirements, an in-depth analysis was conducted of an in-depth analysis of production and business activities of all structural divisions of the enterprise, the purpose of which was to identify and mobilize production reserves and improve on this basis the economic performance indicators. As a result of the analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment combine were identified.

Our path to quality and improvement lies not only in caring for the main production. We also take care of the plant’s infrastructure, addressing issues of energy saving, ensuring labor safety and improving working conditions for the plant’s personnel. Quality strategy is a way to increase productivity, reduce costs, increase profits, improve the living standards of our employees.

The strategic direction of the plant’s economic and financial activities is the development of high-quality, competitive products on the market, ensuring high production efficiency, maximum load on production capacities, updating the technical base of production equipment, developing and introducing new technologies and new products that meet the requirements of consumers.

Our future expectations are the result of the work of team managers who ensure stable work and a constant increase in wages.

We are confident that the renewal of production in the PJSC “ZhPPС” will strengthen the economic potential of the industry, provide economic and social support and development of the region.