Terms of use of the site

Terms of use of the PJSC ZhPPC site

To the site visitors attention!
Please, be sure to read these terms carefully before using the website. In case of disagreement with these terms and conditions, you have the right not to use the site!

Site Usage
The site of the Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” (hereinafter – PJSC ZhPPC) allows you to view all materials on the site and download them for personal non-commercial use only, on the premise of keeping all information about copyright and property rights, original source materials and their copies.
It is prohibited to change the materials of the PJSC ZhPPC site, to distribute them and publish, to use them for commercial, public or any other purposes, as well as to use documents, text, photo-, videomaterials on other sites and in computer and Internet networks.
Any use of all PJSC ZhPPC site materials on other various Internet information resources (websites, computer and social networks, various messengers) is prohibited.

Responsibility of PJSC ZhPPC
PJSC ZhPPC has a perfect right, without notice and at any time:

  • to make any changes to this site content, including changing the documents, text, photo-, videomaterials, as well as contact information;
  • to change the denomination, parameters and visualization of goods, goods prices, terms of cooperation, validity of promotional offers and discounts, types and range of provided services;
  • to use the information received through the feedback form freely, including comments;
  • to delete at its own discretion messages and comments of users without their consent.

PJSC ZhPPC does not take any responsibility for:

  • Technical and other obstacles resulting in the inability to use this site or any materials posted on this site;
  • Possible moral and property damage arising from the use or, conversely, inability to use this site or any materials posted on this site;
  • Informational messages and comments of site visitors, left by them on the site or sent via the feedback form, telephone and other information channels.

PJSC ZhPPC warns:

  • The photos, videos and other illustrations posted on this website (life situations, food and other goods depicted on them) have been created by highly qualified specialists in special conditions, with using professional equipment. Don’t try to repeat it at home;
  • The relevance of the goods and services range, their parameters and costs, their availability in the warehouse must be agreed with the PJSC ZhPPC sales department manager before ordering and payment, using the contacts specified in the “Contacts” section of this site.

Registration on the PJSC ZhPPC website
By the hypothetical registration on this site, you give voluntary consent to provide the accurate and reliable information (personal and contact information), accepting all the terms of agreement on this site use.
With the hypothetical obtaining of a personal login and password, you are fully responsible for their safety, as well as for all actions on this site. If you lose your registration data, you are obliged to inform about it in any convenient way, using the contacts indicated on this site.

User responsibility
When contacting PJSC ZhPPC (by phone, through the feedback form on this site and other types of communication), you are fully responsible for this contact sense. The message should not: violate anyone’s copyright, contain threats and insults, violate the current legislation of Ukraine.

Use of personal data
PJSC ZhPPC uses various technologies for collection, processing and storage of information when you visit this site, including cookies.

In response to your appeal, PJSC ZhPPC may send you a counter message through the feedback form on this site or in another way. Various informational and marketing messages and mailings, including news, information about goods and services, offers of cooperation are in modern electronic and telephone formats.

Marketing events
On this website, on social networks pages and at YouTube channel, PJSC ZhPPC may organize numerous marketing surveys, contests or giveaways. Only the citizens of Ukraine over 14 years old have the right to take part in such events, on the premise of keeping all the awards conditions and have an open page with a personal publication. The winners are determined in accordance with the rules and conditions of each event separately. The results are published at the event location (site).
To confirm his / her eligibility for the prize, the winner has to provide his / her contact information to the page administrator within 30 days from the date of publication of the winners information. Prizes are issued in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Law of Ukraine on Electronic Commerce

Law of Ukraine on Protection of the personal data