The main value of society has always been and remains its personnel. We are sure that our success directly depends on the professionalism of each employee, his dedication. We create an appropriate environment that contributes to the most complete disclosure of the potential opportunities of each employee. To this end, measures are being taken to reconstruct production and mechanize labor-intensive processes.

The history of the plant is rich in the names of the workers, who gave him almost all their working life. We pay special tribute to our veterans who are on a well-deserved rest. Today I want to remember and thank all the workers who created and preserved the enterprise, passed it on to the next generation for its development and growth. Veterans today live with thoughts and feelings about the plant. Very often on the street when meeting with friends of former colleagues, they ask: “How is the plant there, how do you work?” Even at the retire they live thinking about the plant, wishing success to all of us – today’s employees. We, in turn, also think about the future, in what condition we will transfer the enterprise to our successors. It is necessary to do everything so that young specialists want to come to us to work and develop our pulp and paper mill. We will accept and teach them as we have once accepted and taught us. Today, veterans, who have worked at the plant for 20 years or more, occupy a special place among the workers. During their work from young workers and specialists they turned into highly qualified employees, real professionals in their field. The gold fund of the enterprise is working labor veterans, ready to share their experience with young workers. Everyone who works at the plant, associates their future with this company, I would like the plant to work successfully for many years.