A full comprehensive control of the eco-quality of productions
is carried out through the whole technological process, starting from strict input quality control of technological raw materials (waste paper), quality control at each stage of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard production and output eco-control of the finished products quality (corrugated containers, containers for eggs and moulded packaging) at the Zhydachiv Combine.

PJSC "Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine" has at its disposal production laboratories, which function as part of a structural unit - the department of technical control.

The technical control department is responsible for the next measurements in the subordinate laboratories:

  • quality level measurement of finished products: paper base for corrugation; wrapping paper; cardboard liner for flat layers of corrugated cardboard; cardboard for the manufacture of tubes; corrugated cardboard; corrugated cardboard boxes; boxboard; glued cardboard; binding cardboard, egg crate for packing eggs
  • quality level measurement of technological raw materials: waste paper.

The technical control department of PJSC "ZhPPС" is provided with:

  • premises that meet SanPiN, labor safety requirements, fire regulations;
  • the necessary measuring instruments and test equipment;
  • organizational, regulatory and methodological documents in the field of control of raw materials and finished products.

To offer its services to potential customers, the measuring laboratory an audit to confirm its independent and technical competence in accordance with the requirements based on the implementation of DSTU ISO 10012: 2005..

The laboratory's compliance with the DSTU ISO 10012: 2005 standard indicates the implementation of a measurement management system at the enterprise in order to ensure the metrological requirements of the customer.

Eco business strategy The plant builds its eco-strategy on the use of modern technologies and rational use of natural resources

 От экологической политики до экологической ответственности

Ecological production
We save up to 16.87 hectares of trees per month due to processing of waste paper

Closed water use cycle. Reducing the volume of discharges with return waters into the river. Stryi is by 46%

100% of industrial wastewater goes through treatment stages

Energy saving programs

Reduction of placed waste is by 85%

Compliance with environmental requirements