In response to the market requirements and the increased demand for environmentally friendly packaging and transport corrugated containers, and also to meet the needs for corrugated cardboard products in small and medium consignments, PJSC Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine (PJSC ZPPC) created a distribution centre for finished products.

Slotted box (assorted sizes), boxes (set) for moving, cardboard boxes, drop-ship corrugated box, archive box, as well as corrugated trays for fruits and vegetables (strawberry tray, tomato box, apple tray, corrugated box for nuts), pastry tray products, pizza box, gingerbread box (cookies / biscuits box), butter box, shoes box, three-layer corrugated cardboard in sheets, a five-layer corrugated sheet, accessories for corrugated boxes (inserts, gaskets, dividing grids) and other types of shipping containers and packaging from corrugated cartons are shipped in minimum lots.

The minimum lot differs for each kind of corrugated cardboard products.
The range and quantity of corrugated cardboard products in distribution centre may vary.

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