ECO PACKING promising and economical!

More and more European supermarkets and manufacturers are refusing to use plastic packaging in accordance with global movement towards the ECO-direction and the European Parliament’s decision to ban disposable plastic products in view of World ocean pollution control.
According to forecasts, corrugated packaging will become the dominating one due to its wide applicability and variability, as well as possibility for recycling and reapplication .
One of the promising trends of corrugated packaging are displays and show-boxes for merchandising small goods on the shelves of supermarkets. They are characterized by simplicity of design and ease of use, and also combine two functions, such as transport packaging and display. With the help of perforation, some parts of the transport package are removed and goods are put on the shelf in the ready-to-use display and in marketable condition. The display occupies a limited place on the shelf and thanks to branding provides brand awareness and stimulates the growth of sales of the goods represented in the display.
PJSC “Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill” produces a wide range of such products. Due to the full production cycle – from recycling of waste paper, manufacture of fluting, liner and corrugated cardboard up to end- product (corrugated packaging) – quick execution of order and a reasonable price with decent quality are quaranteed. Considering all the technological characteristics of stock production (fluting and liner), the customer can get corrugated packaging, displays and other types of packaging made of corrugated cardboard with the necessary technical parameters, as well as with the maximum allowable strength margin according to production regulatory documents.
Production capabilities allow manufacture of items from corrugated board (3, 5 layers) of various configurations and a wide range of applications: transport packaging, 4 flap corrugated boxes, pizza boxes, pastry trays, trays for berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, nuts; displays, POS – materials, boxes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, for butter and frozen food, archival boxes.

The slogan of PJSC “ZhPPC” - "You are packed with us" fully characterizes the wide production possibilities and the efficiency of order fulfillment!

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