International Certificate FSC was registered

In November 2018, a significant event for the plant took place!

Based on the results of the certification audit, the international certificate of conformity of the supply chain FC-COC-804900 was registered.

The FSC® (FSC-C144407) certification indicates a high level of responsibility of PJSC “Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill” for the use of forest wood resources, as well as a significant contribution of the plant in supporting the management of both local and global forests. Fully accepting the FSC® (FSC-C144407) principles, the management of the plant signed the corresponding “Declaration of Commitment”.

In its activity, PJSC «ZhPPM» is guided by the fundamental principles of producing high-quality and competitive products, safe and environmentally friendly, produced from raw materials of certified and controlled sources. The presence of the FSC® (FSC-C144407) certificate guarantees open actions of PJSC «ZhPPM» to ensure control over the purchase of raw materials and their processing at all stages of production, manufacture and sale of finished products, and also contributes to the transparency of the movement of products of the plant in the FSC® (FSC-C144407) supply chain.

In 109 countries of the world, the FSC® (FSC-C144407) Certificate is a recognized mark of the quality of wood and paper products and for the PJSC “ZhPPM” obtaining the certificate was another indicator of the high quality of the products.