Decent decoration for modern production!

In November 2020, a regional creative competition was announced for the modern design of a new workshop for the production of egg containers. The task was posed to the students of the Stryi Higher Art Professional School.

The jury consisted of the management of the Zhidachevsky Combine and famous honored art workers of Ukraine: Igor Gavrishkevich, Roman Berezdetsky, Yuri Bandera, Igor Melnik. The exhibition of works by the participants of the competition was held on 23-24. 11.2020 at the Stryi Higher Art Vocational School and attracted the attention of all students and teachers. The works meeting all the points of the set task became the winners of the competition.

1st place was taken by student Ulyana Burlaka. Its work is based on a deep ecological meaning for the preservation of the environment.

The work of the highest category in the “Work of Art” nomination was a project by Vasilina Demkiv. The paper shows the importance of corrugated board products for the entire planet Earth.

The work of Pavlina Kraevskaya was distinguished by its emotional component and won in the first category in the “Work of Art” nomination. Parting words to the contestants and the presentation of a financial prizes were the culmination of the competition.

“All creative ideas will undoubtedly be applied not only in the design of the production premises, but will also be reflected in product catalogs, brochures and presentation materials. The plant has big creative and production plans and tasks, for the implementation of which the young active potential of the region will certainly be attracted, ”summed up Dmitry Rymashevsky, executive director of PJSC «ZhPPС».