PJSC “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” is a technological partner of the conference.

October 22-23, 2020 PJSC PJSC “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” (PJSC “ZhPPK”) took part in the events of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference of Horticultural and Processing Industries “Technologies and Innovations from the Ground to the Finished Product” and the All-Ukrainian Nut Forum, which were held in Lviv.


The Zhydachiv Combine  sent its representatives and acted as a “technological partner” of the conference.

Zhydachiv Combine presented a range of corrugated cardboard products: a corrugated box for nuts, a tray for berries from a three-layer corrugated cardboard, a box for wine, boxes with dividing bars for alcoholic beverages, corrugated pallets for plastic bottles and corrugated containers made of waterproof corrugated cardboard of the Waterproof brand.

Head of the Department for Control and Engineering Audit of PJSC “ZhPPK” Galina Iosifovna Dolinskaya presented a report on the topic “Advantages of using corrugated cardboard containers for storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables and nuts.” The presentation identifies the advantages of corrugated packaging: lightness and strength, delivery of folded corrugated packaging. The ability to manufacture corrugated packaging on an individual order with the required dimensions and quality parameters, with the printing of a logo and information about the product, allows the supply of fruits and vegetables in corrugated boxes directly from the field to supermarket shelves. All the characteristics of corrugated cardboard packaging have competitive advantages over other types of packaging.

Galina Dolinskaya focused on the main property of corrugated packaging: environmental friendliness (recyclability), the possibility of re-processing as secondary raw materials. These properties of corrugated packaging help to reduce the negative impact of production activities on the environment.

The head of the sales department of PJSC “ZhPPK” Vladimir  Savchak and the leading manager of the sales department Andrey  Dubik held a presentation of finished products and negotiations with producers of fruit and vegetable products and drinks. Visitors to the stand were interested in the seasonal corrugated products of the Zhydachiv Combine: a box of 5-layer ( 7-layer) corrugated cardboard for nuts, corrugated rolls for berries, fruits and asparagus. Сardboard box for confectionery products, corrugated boxes for wine received high marks for durability and high-quality printing design.

The exporters of the products noted that the availability of the FSC Certified Chain of Custody (FC-SOS-804900) at the Zhydachiv Combine is an important advantage.

The results of participation in the conference will be new business contacts and orders!

If You are with us, You are packed!