New packaging solutions: corrugated packaging made of waterproof cardboard!

PJSC «Zhidachіv Pulp and Paper Combine» is dedicated to the preservation of the environment

Paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging are made from ecological raw materials (waste paper), which allows us to save a lot of trees!

Continuing this direction, Zhidachіv Pulp and Paper Combine produces trays made of waterproof corrugated cardboard, an alternative to wood in terms of environmental friendliness and the necessary strength parameters.

Because of high consumer qualities, technical parameters and properties of moisture-proof corrugated cardboard, the trays are resistant to break down. They are able to withstand stacking and low temperature conditions, even during long-term transportation!

Trays are made of high-quality moisture-resistant three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard, used for packaging fresh and frozen berries, fruits, vegetables, as well as fish, meat and poultry. Trays are used as shipping containers and for presenting fruits and vegetables on store shelves.

Also, for individual orders, our designers will develop a tray to the size and specifications required for the customer, and will offer options for printing design. Color branding of trays is performed on site at the Zhidachevsky plant.

Corrugated packaging is fully recyclable or reused as waste paper. By using our corrugated packaging, you join the global trend of ecological packaging!

Let’s save the environment together!

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