Waterproof corrugated cardboard: the path to one-time packaging!

Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” (PJSC “ZhPPC”) has introduced a new technology for the production of moisture-resistant cardboard “Cardboard waterproof +”, brand WP.

Photo Waterproof corrugated packaging

Moisture-proof corrugated board solves the problems of disposable IVF packaging for transporting fresh foods with a high moisture content (fresh fish, meat, chicken, butter-fatty foods.)

Corrugated packaging of a special configuration designed in accordance with state standards is intended for such products. Fish tray with ventilation holes, chicken and meat tray provide high-quality storage and transportation.

A container made of moisture-proof corrugated cardboard is used for frozen vegetables, fruits and berries PJSC “ZhPPC” produces large boxes and boxes from corrugated, moisture-resistant cardboard and a special configuration for packing berries and fruits of 0.5 and 1 kg.

Particular protection for moisture-resistant cardboard is required for auto parts, machine components, and hardware. Products that require a lubricant layer are transferred with moisture-resistant cardboard and packaged in appropriate corrugated packaging.

For moisture resistant cardboard, the necessary technical specifications and quality indicators are installed PJSC “ZhPPC” produces moisture-resistant Cardboard waterproof + cardboard weighing 160 g / m2 and 175 g / m2. At the request of the customer, moisture-resistant cardboard can be painted (colored) or unpainted (not colored). At the customer’s choice, corrugated cardboard can be produced with either one or two flat layers of moisture-resistant cardboard.

In order to preserve the environment, corrugated packaging from moisture-resistant corrugated cardboard after use can be disposed of by using it as a secondary raw material.


You can order products from moisture resistant cardboard or moisture resistant corrugated cardboard in the sales department by tel.:

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