Eco corrugated packaging is useful and profitable!

The greenhouse business is actively developing in Ukraine. Fruits and vegetables are in great demand throughout the year. The greenhouse business is profitable, despite significant energy costs. The movement of the market in the environmentally friendly direction, creates new conditions for packaging and transporting products in eco-containers. This direction is socially oriented and promising for development.

Using the SM modeling tool, we analyzed the total annual costs associated with transporting 65.5 thousand tons of Roma tomatoes to Houston (Texas, USA) using corrugated packaging compared to transporting in plastic containers (RPC). The use of corrugated packaging demonstrates an annual cost advantage of $ 6.8 million compared to RPC. RPC incurs additional costs for return shipping or relocation from a point of sale to a point of subsequent use. The cost of this return shipping, handling and washing is $ 4.1 million.

Corrugated packaging is the most profitable for transportation and presentation of fruits and vegetables on the shelves of supermarkets. Grocery stores seek to increase profits by cutting costs across the entire supply chain. Corrugated cardboard transport packaging is fully recyclable and reused as raw material (waste paper) for the production of corrugated packaging.

Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine (PJSC “ZhPPC”) produces a wide range of corrugated containers from 3-layer and 5-layer corrugated cardboard of various brands and profiles: 4 valve box, corrugated booties for berries, vegetable tray, 2 x-row corrugated tray, box for apples, the so-called banana box, Bushel box, pallets and accessories made of corrugated cardboard (grilles, partitions, shells).

The experienced designers of ZhPPC will help you create a unique line corrugated products for all of your packaging and transportation needs.

To order corrugated products, please contact the sales department of the plant by phone:
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Note: Actual data for analyzing the cost-effectiveness of shipping container options can be considered thanks to the Full Disclosure modeling tool, which allows you to study the effect of several cost factors on different container options.