Strategic future

Continuous improvement of the main results of the work. At the same time, market relations dictate the requirements for compactness and high-tech production, require flexibility in the implementation of specific orders. In order to meet these new requirements, an in-depth analysis was conducted of an in-depth analysis of production and business activities of all structural divisions of the enterprise, the purpose of which was to identify and mobilize production reserves and improve on this basis the economic performance indicators. As a result of the analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment combine were identified.

Our path to quality and improvement lies not only in caring for the main production. We also take care of the plant’s infrastructure, addressing issues of energy saving, ensuring labor safety and improving working conditions for the plant’s personnel. Quality strategy is a way to increase productivity, reduce costs, increase profits, improve the living standards of our employees.

The strategic direction of the plant’s economic and financial activities is the development of high-quality, competitive products on the market, ensuring high production efficiency, maximum load on production capacities, updating the technical base of production equipment, developing and introducing new technologies and new products that meet the requirements of consumers.

Our future expectations are the result of the work of team managers who ensure stable work and a constant increase in wages.

We are confident that the renewal of production in the PJSC “ZhPPM” will strengthen the economic potential of the industry, provide economic and social support and development of the region.