Pasteboard is produced of two types:

– Container plain pasted fibreboard

– Binders board

Classification and purpose

Container plain pasted fibreboard of КС-1 and КС-2 grades is intended for manufacture of packaging and Auxiliary packaging facilities.
Binders board of PKC grade is intended for manufacture of bookcovers of various book editions.


Cardboard of various grades is made by gluing two or three layers of cardboard-base.

The thickness of the pasteboard can be from 1.4 to 2.2 mm.

The pasteboard is made of a color of natural fiber.


Pasteboard is manufactured and sold in sheets of 930 x 1000 mm, 970 x 1000 mm or other sizes in agreement with the customer.

Raw material

For the production of pasteboard used cardboard-base, which is made of 100% of recycled materials (waste paper).

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Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill is a leading manufacturer of cardboard products, the range of which includes: Container plain pasted fibreboard and binders cardboard.

Binders board and its purpose:

The binders board of PKC grade is a glued dense, rigid material that is used in the manufacture of printed products in a tight binding (books, notebooks, folders, etc.).
In addition to the printing industry, it can be used in all cases where it is necessary to impart rigidity to the basis for the product: in a haberdashery, in the production of various office supplies, etc. Also, thick cardboard is used in the manufacture of packaging containers, if it is necessary to give it additional rigidity. It is made on the parameters and characteristics according to the terms of the contract.

Technical parameters of сontainer plain pasted fibreboard:
Pasteboard is made by gluing two or three layers of cardboard, it corresponds to the parameters and characteristics according to the terms of the contract.
The thickness of the glued cardboard can be from 1.4 mm to 2.2 mm.
Cardboard grades - KC-1 three-layer cardboard and KC-2 double-layer cardboard is used for the manufacture of packaging and auxiliary packaging tools.
Raw material for the glued cardboard is the base cardboard of G-grade, which is produced 100% from recycled materials (waste paper) in accordance with the STP 00278801.01-2010 «The base cardboard of the glued cardboard. Specifications».
Glued cardboard is produced and sold by sheets, the standard sizes of which are 930 * 1000 mm and 970 * 1000 mm, but at the request of customers, it is possible to produce cardboard of other sizes. Depending on purpose it is possible to produce pasteboard and binders board of 1 mm or 2 mm thickness.
To place an order for pasteboard and binders board, simply call to our sells department and get a full consultation on all issues that interest you. We will most accurately select for you the type of products, according to your requirements and produce in the stipulated time. Prices for our products are average. In addition to the production of pasteboard and binders board, there is the possibility of manufacturing and other high-quality packaging materials.