Normative documents

Fluting (paper for corrugating) is produced in accordance with TU U 17.1-00278801-003:2017 «Paper-base for corrugation. Technical conditions»


Fluting is intended for the manufacture of corrugated (medium) layers of corrugated cardboard.


Substance of fluting, produced by paper making machine No 5:
80 – 110 g/m2
Substance of fluting, produced by paper making machine No 3:
112 – 160 g/m2

Fluting grades: B-0, B-1, B-2.

Paper is machine smooth,

Glued (G) or not glued (NG)


Paper is made in rolls.

Width of roll for the paper of weight 80 – 110 g/m2:
max. 2660 mm min. 700 mm

Width of roll for the paper of weight 112 – 160 g/m2:
max. 2500 mm min. 700 mm

Diameter of roll (winding): max. 1150 mm min. 900 mm

Core: the inner diameter of the core is 76 mm or 100 mm with a wall thickness of not less than 10 mm.

Raw material

Fluting is made of 100% recycled material (waste paper).

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Paper for corrugating or fluting is a type of packaging material made from recycled fiber. The range of application of this material is quite wide, but most often it is used in the production of various types of packaging. Paper for corrugation is made according to TU U 17.1-00278801-003:2017 and meets the following characteristics:

  • Substance: from 80 to 160 g/m²;
  • Grades: Б-0, Б-1, Б-2;
  • Smoothness - machine;
  • Raw material - waste paper;

Paper for corrugation (fluting) is produced in rolls of the following sizes:

  • Width of roll: 700 to 2500 mm;
  • Diameter of roll: from 900 to 1150 mm;
  • Core: internal diameter of the core is 76 mm or 100 mm, depending on the needs of the customer, with a wall thickness of at least 10 mm.

Fluting wholesale Ukraine is the main direction of production activity Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill. Products are sold to customers at producer prices, which make it particularly attractive.
Fluting can be glued (G) or non-glued (NG). This quality is responsible for the absorbing properties of the material. Different degrees of glueing paper provide for the production of several types of fluting, which are in different degrees exposed to liquid. This indicator also affects the quality of the image on the final corrugated products.
The plant is open for cooperation with customers throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as in Europe, Asia and other countries of the world. Paper for corrugation can be purchased with delivery to Kiev, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Khmelnitsky, Uzhgorod, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa and other cities of Ukraine. Term of order execution and delivery of the order will pleasantly surprise customers, which allows not looking for other suppliers of container board.