Normative documents

Corrugated cardboard is produced according to
– COU MPP 85.060-310:2010 «Картон гофрований. Загальні технічні умови»

– TU U 17.2-00278801-006:2017 «Corrugated cardboard for packaging of products of technical purpose. Technical conditions»

Classification of corrugated cardboard

Grade Т (single wall) – Single wall cardboard, consisting of two flat and one corrugated layers
Single wall corrugated cardboard is made of B or C flute.

Grade P (double wall) – п’ятишаровий картон, що складається з трьох плоских і двох гофрованих шарів
П’ятишаровий гофрований картон виготовляється з профілями гофри типу ВС
Double walled cardboard, consisting of three flat and two corrugated layers.
Double walled corrugated cardboard is made of flute type BC

Purpose and dimensions of single wall board

Single wall cardboard grades T20, T21, Т22, Т23, Т24, Т25, as well as grades КG-2, КG-3, КG-4 are used for manufacturing of transport containers, corrugated trays, auxiliary packing materials and products.

It is manufactured and sold in sheets in sizes agreed with the customer. The maximum sizes of sheets of corrugated cardboard can be 3000 * 2450 mm, 2500 * 1200 mm, 3250 * 2050 mm.

Purpose and dimensions of double wall board

Double walled cardboard of the grades P30, P31, P32, P33, P34 is used for the production of transport containers, large packagings, trays, boxes, complex configuration products, auxiliary packaging equipment.

It is manufactured and sold in sheets in sizes agreed with the customer.


Corrugated cardboard is produced in: color of natural fiber, with a white (cellulose) outer layer, or a painted brown outer layer.

For gluing layers of corrugated cardboard corn starch is used.

Raw material

For the production of corrugated cardboard used:

– Fluting according to ТU U 17.1-00278801-003:2017
«Paper for corrugating (fluting). Technical conditions»

– Testliner according to ТU U 17.1-00278801-004:2017
«Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard. Technical conditions»

It is allowed to use other grades of paper and cardboard to meet the needs of customers.

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Current trends in the global packaging market show us that Corrugated cardboard is the most popular material for the manufacture of packaging containers and packaging elements at the moment. This factor contributes to several factors:

  • The price of the corrugated cardboard compares favorably with that of plastic, wood, or metal;
  • optimal protective features make it easy to pack products of various configurations and textures;
  • simplicity and ease of operation allow a person, even with minimal skills, to engage in packaging;
  • environmental friendliness of the raw materials - in the manufacture only environmentally friendly ingredients are used, and gluing is done with the help of corn starch;
    the possibility of recycling;
  • versatility of use.

Corrugated sheets are a multilayer material, where one or more layers of corrugations alternate with several layers of flat cardboard. Production of corrugated cardboard in Ukraine is regulated by the national standard of the SOU MPP 85.060-310:2010 «Corrugated cardboard. Specifications» and TU U 17.2-00278801-006:2017 «Corrugated cardboard for the packaging of technical products. Specifications» In its production activities PJSC "ZhPPM" strictly follows established standards to maintain the highest quality products.
Depending on the number of layers, there are several types of corrugated cardboard. Each type of corrugated cardboard has its own strength characteristics, has a different direction for use.
Single-wall corrugated board
Consisting of two flat and one corrugated medium layers, with increased strength and rigidity. Production of a corrugated cardboard of a profile B and C, the following brands is possible:

  • cardboard T-20;
  • cardboard T-21;
  • cardboard T-22;
  • cardboard T-23;
  • cardboard T-24;
  • cardboard T-25
  • cardboard KG-2,
  • cardboard KG-4.

Due to the excellent strength properties of this material, transport packaging is made of various configurations, as well as other packaging elements.
For our customers, single-wall corrugated board sheets of natural fiber color, white and brown, are always available for sale, with maximum sizes of 3000 * 2450 mm, 2500 * 1200 mm and 3250 * 2050 mm.

Double-wall corrugated board
Double-wall corrugated board consists of three layers of flat cardboard (testliner) and two layers of medium fluting connecting them, grades

  • cardboard P-30;
  • cardboard P-31;
  • cardboard P-32;
  • cardboard P-33;
  • cardboard P-34.

Double-wall corrugated board wholesale is an indispensable material for packing large-sized products or transporting them, since the characteristics of the container made of this cardboard allow you to avoid the risks of damage to the contents when exposed to the external movement or storage.
The mill produces brown and white corrugated cardboard, which can be bought in standard and individual sizes with a maximum size of 3000 * 2450 mm,
2500 * 1200 mm and 3250 * 2050 mm.