Normative documents

Box board is produced in accordance with
TU U 17.1-00278801-001:2013
«Box board. Technical conditions»


Box board is intended for the manufacture of small-sized packaging and auxiliary packaging equipment for the packaging of industrial goods


Weight of box board, produced by CMM: 300 – 470 g/m2

Grade of box board: КК-2.

Carton box is made of multilayer, machine smoothness, color of natural fiber.


Box board is made in rolls.

Width of roll: 800 mm, 1050 mm, 2100 mm or other width in agreement with customer.

Diameter of roll: 760 mm, 1100 mm or other width in agreement with customer.

Core: the inner diameter of the core is 76 mm or 100 mm with a wall thickness of not less than 10 mm.

Raw material

Box board is made of 100% recycled material (waste paper).

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