Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill today

Who we are: At this time Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill” in the packaging market occupies a niche in the segment of paper packaging manufacturers. The peculiarity of the production activity of PJSC “ZhPPM” is the satisfaction of social needs through the production of social products, namely: the manufacture of packaging materials and products made from paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard. We are an integrated company for the production of paper packaging and paper packaging materials.

Why integration is so important: Integration is one of the most important mechanisms for ensuring and improving the competitiveness of an enterprise, as it determines the degree of independence. How is this reflected in our activities:
– using water, gas and coal, we independently produce heat energy;
– recycling paper waste and waste paper into recycled fiber, with the help of processing equipment, we independently create raw materials for packaging – paper and cardboard;
– processing raw materials using corrugated and automatic processing lines, we independently produce the final product – corrugated cardboard packaging, which, due to its simple design and environmental friendliness, remains one of the most popular and profitable types of modern packaging materials;
– in the production process, industrial effluents are produced, which we independently clean and return to clean water in the natural environment.
All processes are controlled, which allows to ultimately influence the final result.

The activity of the enterprise is based on the basic principles:
Principle 1 – compliance with current legislation and work in the field of standardization
Principle 2 – compliance of production activities with established requirements
Principle 3 – Forecasting and Planning